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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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Only accessable by boat. Contact the Morro Negrito surf camp.

English (Traduzir este texto em Português): Only accessable by boat. Contact the Morro Negrito surf camp.

English (Traduzir este texto em Português): Only accessable by boat. Contact the Morro Negrito surf camp.

English (Traduzir este texto em Português): Only accessable by boat. Contact the Morro Negrito surf camp.

DistânciaViagem de fim de semana

CaminhadaBoa caminhada (15-30 min)

Fácil de encontrar?OK

Acesso público?Acesso privado

Acesso especialSomente de barco

 Características do spot de surf

Qualidade do spot

Qualidade das ondasClássico regional

ExperiênciaSurfistas com experiência

FrequênciaNão sei




FundoRecife (corais, rochas cortantes, etc...)

PotênciaOca, Veloz

Comprimento normalNormal (50 a 150m)

Comprimento máximoNormal (50 a 150m)

Marés, Ondas e vento

Direcção da ressacaSudoeste

Direcção do ventoNoroeste

Tamanho da ressacaComeça em 1.0m-1.5m / 3ft-5ft e vai até 4m+ / 12ft

Condição da maréMaré media e maré baixa

Movimento da maré

Mais detalhes

Cheio durante a semanaNinguém

Cheio no fim de semanaNinguém

Link Webcam 


- Rochas

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De Anonymous , 12-04-2018

truth - not an island, but a peninsula. most swell is blocked by a giant island offshore, see google maps. tides change 18', so its not good for more than an hour at a time, and thats on a good day. blown out by 10am daily. emilys is the only wave with good form the whole way. other waves have a good section that lasts like 2 seconds, long enough to take a good pic. all waves are inconsistent even on the best days. enough waves for 3 guys comfortably.

De Leif , 13-10-2010

Some things still the same - Ask yourself why Morro Negrito surf camp has so many haters. I went there years ago, wasted trip, misrepresentation by the owner, just all around bum trip. Interesting how many people take the time to try and warn you off from this place. Fact of the matter is that dollars can be tough to come by and there are many better options to choose from for surf trips. I see Steve is still hard at work spamming the board with his positive, gleaming posts. Aloha

De James Bennett , 21-09-2008

- Now i’m stuck back in the office in grey grey London. Overall a fantastic experience, some great waves were had, good people met and i generally thoroughly enjoyed myself. Ok so the accommodation is basic but that’s part of the charm, or it was for me anyway, if i wanted five star and air con with hundreds of other guys in the water, i’d go back to indo. The food was good but slightly lacking but hey, it’s a crash diet for a week and who’s going to complain about losing a few pounds? Both Andy and Melanie were fantastic guides and great fun, managing to balance the different groups well and the various gripes and demands that were thrown at them with grace and charm. They really helped make the experience for me.
In conclusion, i loved the camp and everything that has achieved there. I will definitely be going back, no doubt about that.

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