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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Um atlas de spots de surf feito por surfistas para surfistas
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USA, North East, Southern New England

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Follow south road west...

English (Traduzir este texto em Português): Follow south road west...

English (Traduzir este texto em Português): Follow south road west...

English (Traduzir este texto em Português): Follow south road west...

DistânciaViagem de fim de semana

CaminhadaCurta caminhada (5-15 mn)

Fácil de encontrar?OK

Acesso público?Acesso público

Acesso especialNão sei

 Características do spot de surf

Qualidade do spot

Qualidade das ondasClássico regional

ExperiênciaSurfistas com experiência

FrequênciaFunciona com frequência


TipoRecife de rocas


FundoRochas planas com areia


Comprimento normalLongo (150 a 300 m)

Comprimento máximoMuito longa (300 a 500 m)

Marés, Ondas e vento

Direcção da ressacaSudoeste, Sul, Sudeste

Direcção do ventoNoroeste

Tamanho da ressacaComeça em 1.0m-1.5m / 3ft-5ft e vai até 4m+ / 12ft

Condição da maré

Movimento da maré

Mais detalhes

Cheio durante a semanaAlguns surfistas

Cheio no fim de semanaAlguns surfistas

Link Webcam 


- Rochas

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United States of America


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De Anonymous , 20-11-2010

Goa Way - The locals here have quite a few reasons to be pissed at the 'out-of-towners'. First off, we live in one of the most expensive locations in the USA while also having the state's lowest average income. We have to hide our trucks in the woods, paddle across ponds, and/or walk for miles to avoid being ticketed and towed by landowners who are at their houses 2 weeks per year but believe they own the water. We have incredibly fickle swells and conditions and can wait months with the ocean literally as flat as a lake. And then when those months pass, and we get our first hurricane swell of the year we have to deal with plenty of other surf-hungry locals and all sorts of tourist kooks with zero respect who are on the island 'on vacation' for the week and have a car loaded up with $1000's of dollars worth of pop-out bic surfboards and private parking privliges. We are assholes because we deserve to be. And also the vast majority of us actually have traveled and surfed in other places and personally, when I'm at a new break with locals I start on the inside, try to be friendly and say hello to a couple crusty ones, and am thankful when I get a set wave. So when you're surfing 'squibby's' and you see a local giving you the dirty eye, give him the next wave, say hi and maybe after a lil while you will be splitting set waves... Oh and this report by Montauk Steve is completely off as well

De TheRobertMarshall , 28-10-2010

Other MV Spots? - Why aren't other spots on MV listed here? I've been out at South Beach on storm swell as well as just south of Aquinnah at the private beach. Are these spots listed and I just don't know the right names?

De Anonymous , 15-07-2010

locals suck, especially assassin - so, you are a local because you were BORN there! so that means that simply because your parents lived there you have an exclusive right to a wave? what did YOU do to earn such a privelege besides being born and suckling on yo' mama there? seems like your claim of exclusive rights is merely based on luck. if that's the case, then i hope you never go snowboarding, or to a city for culture/partying, cuz by your logic you would be then intruding on someone else's locality. but i doubt you see it your way, cuz you only see things as they benefit you.

as to squibby's not being a real spot, nice try! word is out!

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